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If you have been given probation in Pennsylvania, it means that instead of being sentenced to a full jail term, you will put under the supervision of a probation officer for a specific amount of time. In most cases, probation is given only for minor crimes, first-time offenders, and juvenile offenders, and those convicted of non-violent crimes.

You may actually serve some part of the jail time, and then be placed under probation for several months on up to five years after that. Probation is essentially an opportunity to stay free, but it is no free ride out of the Pennsylvania criminal justice system.

Avoid Jail — Follow the Rules of Probation – Rigorously

Surviving your probation period means that you must follow religiously the many conditions attached to probation. If you violate even one rule of your probation, you may wind up back in jail serving out your full sentence.

Among the common general criteria for those on probation are:

  • Do not violate the law
  • Do not drink alcohol or do drugs
  • Avoid people involved in criminal activity
  • Report to your probation officer regularly as required and allow your officer to visit your home, work, or other places you frequent
  • Work or seek work
  • Do not change your address, move outside the court jurisdiction, or leave the state without the consent of your probation officer
  • Maintain support to any legal dependents if possible
  • Possible monitoring by wearing a monitoring device, like an ankle bracelet

In addition to these general requirements, your case will probably have specific conditions unique to your situation. These may include entering into treatment programs, paying fines and surcharges, attending driving school, attending AA meetings, or taking other remedial measures.

If you know that your probation officer is considering revoking your probation, it is important to obtain the guidance of an attorney who can help find an alternative that will keep you out of jail. For example, if your PO officer believes you have violated probation, he will probably be seeking the judge to revoke your probation and have you go to jail to fulfill your sentence.

Sometimes, even minor probation violations, like a traffic ticket, can result in a probation revocation, depending on the probation officer. A mistake that you unknowingly make can blow thing out of proportion. Don’t take chances with your hard-won freedom and your future. Speak with an attorney who understands the criminal justice system and who is experienced working with those involved in probation revocation cases.

Probation Attorneys on Your Side – Harrisburg, PA

There are times when an attorney can explain what really happened, and point out all the good things that you are doing to uphold your end of the probation agreement. Please contact the Harrisburg, PA, law firm of Laguna Reyes Maloney, LLP to schedule a free case evaluation with Roger Laguna or Laura Reyes Maloney: (800) 255-9587 or 717-233-5292. You may also contact us online.

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