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When Your Teen Has Been Charged With a Drug Offense

At the law office of Laguna Reyes Maloney, LLP, we dedicate a significant portion of our practice to protecting individuals charged with any type of drug crime. We don’t limit our representation to adults, but also aggressively represent minors, including teenagers, who have been arrested or charged with violating controlled substances laws.

Protecting the Rights of Teenagers Charged With Drug Crimes

Depending on the age of your child, a prosecution for a drug offense may be a delinquency offense in juvenile court or may be tried in the adult courts in Pennsylvania. When you hire us to protect the rights of your teenage child, we will conduct a thorough investigation of the details of the arrest, starting with an examination of whether law enforcement officers had probable cause to conduct any search or seizure, or to make an arrest. We will also confirm that all constitutionally required procedures were followed. If police acted inappropriately, or if evidence was obtained in violation of your child’s rights, we will seek the exclusion of such evidence and the dismissal of charges if appropriate.

We will work aggressively at all times to minimize the consequences of a potential conviction. If there are no realistic defenses against the charge, we will work closely with juvenile officials and prosecutors to identify alternative outcomes, such as substance abuse counseling. In many instances, when the offense is minor and is a first offense, we may be able to get charges dismissed upon completion of a diversionary program.

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