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While closely related to sex crimes, internet crimes are unique in that the technology to which they are linked is often a contributor to innocent people being accused of possession of inappropriate material. Often technology experts must be employed to show the insidious nature of Internet advertisements and pop-up ads. An unwanted ad may pop up on a screen as a person browses and with one accidental click a pornographic image has been unknowingly downloaded to their computer.

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Computer Crimes at Home and Work

Trafficking porn, possession of child pornography, online predators, and other internet crimes carry serious penalties. In addition to fines and jail time a successful conviction can also mean a loss of a job or the end of a marriage. Our firm defends clients charged with serious internet crimes. While maintaining firm support of victims of sexual crimes, our attorneys believe that each client has the right to sound and effective legal counsel.

Often, alleged perpetrators are victims themselves, unknowingly downloading pictures of child porn when trying to close a myriad of pop-up ads. Without knowing it, scores of inappropriate pictures may be downloaded into a computer at work or at home. If you have viewed adult material online and an estranged spouse or co-worker is aware of this, it may be only a matter of time before a computer is seized and you are facing charges of possession of child porn.

Laws designed to go after traffickers of child pornography also apply to end-users. A gray area arises when a defendant must prove that such materials were not knowingly uploaded to their computer hard drives.

Employing Technology Experts

At Laguna Krevsky Rosen, PLLC we use computer experts when necessary. These individuals can take a computer apart and explain in court how easily images can either pop up or be uploaded to computers. Our attorneys work with experts, challenging the loose quality of the term “possession” often showing the prosecution’s inability to substantiate charges.

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