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Effective Representation in Criminal Appellate Proceedings

At the law office of Laguna Reyes Maloney, LLP, we have extensive experience and a considerable record of success in federal criminal appeals. We understand the differences and the unique challenges presented in the appellate courts, and we can quickly determine whether you have grounds for an appeal, as well as your likelihood of success in such an endeavor.

If you have been convicted of a crime in a federal court and you believe that the court made errors in the administration of the trial, contact the experienced federal appeals attorneys at Laguna Reyes Maloney, LLP. We offer a free initial consultation to all prospective clients.

Our Federal Appellate Practice

The appeals process differs significantly from the trial process. Because you can only appeal issues of law (never issues of fact), the appellate courts do not have juries. An appellate court can look at whether evidence was properly admitted or excluded, or whether a judge gave correct instructions of law to a jury. An appellate court may not, however, examine whether a jury believed the prosecutor’s version of the facts or the defendant’s story.

Furthermore, the appellate judges do not take testimony or consider factual evidence, but hear only arguments of law. Accordingly, to be successful at the appellate level, you need lawyers who:

  • Have excellent legal research skills
  • Are experienced and highly proficient at persuasive legal writing
  • Know how to effectively argue your case before a panel of judges

At Laguna Reyes Maloney, LLP, our qualifications speak for themselves. We have successfully handled federal criminal appeals involving a broad range of legal issues. Because of our experience, we can quickly review the trial record in your case and determine whether the court engaged in or allowed errors of law. Our attorneys have been admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit since 1999.

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