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Too many law enforcement officials are trolling the Internet aiming to catch suspected child pornography users. Investigators have the capacity to track what you are doing on the Net. Big Brother is indeed looking over your shoulder and if he wants to find something, he generally will.

You need to be particularly careful about what you download from the Net and with whom you share any images, especially those involving children. For instance, recently more than 100 investigators from across 20 law enforcement organizations worked together with the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force to catch 10 men charged with suspected child pornography. The task force was able to detect child pornography users and distributors through electronic and other means, including tracking their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.

61 Child Porn Task Forces Across the Nation

The task force that arrested these individuals is just one of 61 such task forces nationwide that target peer-to-peer file sharing online in particular. This sort of investigation is more sophisticated than the chatroom decoy investigations that were a hallmark of many previous child porn and molestation police investigations.

The fact of the matter is no one is immune from a child pornography charge. For instance, a popular music teacher and former theater director in Olympia, Washington, was arrested and tried in the media for allegedly having child porn on his home computer and work computer at the theater. Evidently, he inadvertently downloaded child pornography, but the witch hunt is on and his good name and reputation are in ruins despite the charges being dropped due to an illegal computer search.

Excessively Harsh Sentencing in Child Porn Cases

In another troubling case in West Palm Beach, Florida, a 50-year-old engineer is facing 3,000 years’ jail time for 200 videos found on his hard drive that was attached to his own laptop. In another horrific miscarriage of justice, former Arizona high school teacher Morton Berger is facing a mandatory minimum jail sentence for possession of just 20 images that he was found with in 2003. There is a miscarriage of justice when a person receives a life sentence just for looking at a forbidden image, even if the image is upsetting.

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