Federal Weapons Charges in Pennsylvania

Experienced Federal Charges Defense Attorneys in Harrisburg

Have you been accused of a federal weapons crime in Pennsylvania? The first step in fighting your charges and protecting your rights, future and freedom is to contact an experienced federal weapons defense attorney.

The attorney team of Laguna Krevsky Rosen, PLLC, includes lawyers who:

Federal investigators and prosecutors are ready to bring years of expertise and the full resources of the federal judicial system to the prosecution of your case. You need assistance from a legal team that is experienced in fighting charges of possession of an illegal firearm, assault/battery with a firearm, possession of weapon by a felon or unlawful possession of a firearm.

Federal weapons charges can result in years in prison, deportment (for immigrants) and a permanent stain on your record. We can evaluate your case and determine how to best defend it. For example, firm attorney Roger Laguna is a former police officer who is skilled at assessing how law enforcement officials gather evidence. Our team question whether there was probable cause for any search, seizure or arrest that was conducted, and determine whether the evidence against you was properly obtained. If federal agents acted improperly or illegally, you charges may be dropped.

Often, federal agents are able to tie a weapons charge with another charge, thus increasing the severity of the charges and penalties, including extensive and consecutive prison sentences. Don’t face the federal government without effective legal help. Contact Laguna Krevsky Rosen, PLLC, by calling 717-233-5292.

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