What Do I Do If I’m Under Investigation?

Police investigationIf you have knowledge that you are under active investigation by the law enforcement community then you have certain inalienable rights afforded to you by the constitution, state, and local laws. You have the rights to leave any interview, have a lawyer present, to remain silent, and to have certain privacies.

No matter if a crime has been committed or not, if a law enforcement agency has a search or arrest warrant you must comply to avoid any charges. A signed and valid warrant gives the officer the right to arrest or search as specifically detailed in the document.

If the government agency cannot produce a valid warrant then you should not give verbal or written permission to any agent to search your person or property under any circumstances. For if the officer or agency does not have sufficient evidence to search then the only way they can search if with your permission. A “search” is not to be confused with a protective “pat down” for weapons that law enforcement officers are allowed under federal rulings.

In the event of any investigation, warrant, or arrest, your first step will be to contact a lawyer to ensure you are properly protected and represented and not to speak to anyone unless directed by your hired counsel.
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