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There has been an outcry lately about parole and probation boards being slack and letting people who should have been returned to prison fall through the cracks of the system. Part of the reason for the spotlight on the Pennsylvania Board of Parole and Probation is that Philadelphia police officer Moses Walker Jr. was slain by parolee Rafael Jones, who had violated his parole and should have been back in jail at the time.

The family of Moses Walker Jr. has filed a federal lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. Evidently, Jones was released from prison just ten days prior to Walker’s murder. He was supposed to be monitored electronically and remain under house arrest, but that never happened. Additionally, he failed a drug test that violated his probation, but supervisors never took action. Jones shot Officer Walker to death. Walker had been walking home after his police shift at the time.

Following Conditions of Parole Is Essential to Your Freedom

If you have been released on parole, it means you are under the supervision of the Parole Board. You will have a parole officer that you regularly report to. Conditions that you must follow may include:

  • Passing any drug tests
  • No technical violations
  • Consistent payment of any restitution required
  • Maintain curfew requirements
  • Do not get arrested on any new charges
  • Consistently report to your parole officer
  • Attend any treatment programs as required
  • Work or seek work
  • Keep up child support payments if possible
  • Do not move or leave the state without obtaining permission from your parole officer

Failure to follow the conditions of your parole can result in your parole officer seeking to have you returned to prison to serve out your whole sentence. If you are arrested again for any reason, it is critical that you obtain the guidance of an attorney quickly. An attorney can focus on getting you out of custody as quickly as possible.

There are often times when a person on parole has simply made an innocent mistake. However, the parole officer and the judge may be more inclined to hear your story if it is shared by an experienced, well-respected and knowledgeable parole and criminal defense attorney.

Clear Convictions From Your Criminal Record and Seal It From Public View

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