Police Deny that Murder Suspect Asked Siri for Advice on Where to Hide Body

Screen Grab Leads to Misinformation

Smart phoneContrary to what had earlier been reported, murder suspect Pedro Bravo may not have asked his cell phone to give him a recommendation on where to hide the body. Bravo is charged with killing fellow University of Florida student Christian Aguilar in a dispute of a former girlfriend.

According to previous news reports, Bravo had made the statement “I need to hide my roommate” to Siri, Apple’s “intelligent personal assistant.” A screen grab introduced by prosecutors in court showed that Siri responded with the question, “What kind of place are you looking for.” The screen grab indicated that Siri had suggested swamps, metal foundries, mines, reservoirs and dumps.

However, upon cross-examination by Bravo’s attorney, a Gainesville police officer admitted that the screen grab was just one of many photos found on Bravo’s phone, and that it may not have been a direct question to Siri. Furthermore, WUFT News, which had reporters in the courtroom, issued an online statement refuting the allegation, stating that the Gainesville detective never testified that there was a Siri search, and further noting that the assertion in most accounts that Bravo and Aguilar were roommates was false.

Other data gathered from his phone, though, was used by prosecutors to build the case against him:

  • Prosecutors say he used the flashlight on his phone nine times between 11:30 and midnight on the night Aguilar disappeared, allegedly to hide the body in the woods, where it was found in a shallow grave by hunters weeks later.
  • Location data gathered from the phone is inconsistent with the account Bravo provided of his whereabouts on the night Aguilar disappeared

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