The Fallibility of DUI Blood Tests – PA

Blood tests that measure alcohol level are considered stronger evidence than breath tests. Is this really the case? Are these DUI blood tests reliable? The answer is: sometimes.

DUI Blood Test Errors

There are many ways to challenge the accuracy of a DUI blood test. For example, there can be issues involving inappropriate handling of the blood sample, incorrect calibration of the blood-alcohol testing machine, lack of competence on the part of the lab technician who administered the test, or even a question of accuracy as to whose blood sample was taken.

The prosecution must prove that the blood sample was handled appropriately and according to procedure. Prosecutors must also prove that the machine was in good working order and that the test was administered by a qualified operator.

Machines Break Down. Humans Make Mistakes. Fight Your DUI.

Since machines do break down and humans do make mistakes, there is a chance, no matter how small, that the blood test may not be reliable. If you have been accused of a drunk driving charge and accept the results of a test like this without knowing the nuances and technology behind these machine tests, you may be passing on an extremely effective way to defend against drunk-driving related charges.

Contact an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney in PA

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania, the stakes are too high for you not to fight the charges.

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